Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WSDC 2015 Singapore

Preliminary Round 1: This House would ban the use of zero-hour contracts 
Preliminary Round 2: This House would require defendants in criminal trials to be represented exclusively by public defenders 
Preliminary Round 3: This House supports academic tracking in primary and secondary education
Preliminary Round 4: THW not consume art created by people who have committed deeply immoral acts
Preliminary Round 5: This House believes that cities with significant immigrant populations should actively break up ethnic enclaves
Preliminary Round 6. This house would ban political opinion polls
Preliminary Round 7: This house supports a right to die
Preliminary Round 8: This house would forgive Greece's debt
Octa finals: This house would require members of the clergy to report all crimes to authorities including those made in confession.
SEMI FINAL 1: This house believes that the military struggle against ISIS should be conducted solely by Middle East nations
SEMI FINAL 2: This house regrets the media focus on the personal lives of politicians
Grand final motion: This house believes that governments should provide a guaranteed universal basic income


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