Tuesday, August 18, 2015

HKPDS Summer Workshop 2015

Here are the motions for HKPDS SW 2015. Enjoy!
Round 0: THW abolish single sex schools.
Round 1: THW ban political parties and candidates from advertising before elections.
Round 2: TH regrets the dominant narrative elements of superhero fiction in the West.
(Info Slide: Superhero fiction is fiction with superheroes as their main characters. The dominant narrative elements of these stories include but are not limited to things such as that superheroes are people whom we should aspire to be, that good will triumph over evil, and that it is virtuous for superheroes to defeat evil supervillains.)
Round 3: Assuming the Earth enters into a post-climate change apocalypse, THW prioritise saving the lives of those who have contributed less to climate change.
(Info Slide: Theorists predict that climate change could lead to an “apocalypse”, characterised by recurring extreme weather phenomena (eg. Typhoons, storms), and the general destruction of livable habitats.)
Round 4: TH supports the right to bear arms in the USA.
Round 5: TH regrets the existence of online services that promote infidelity in marriages or relationships.
Round 6: THW ban this ghost technology.
(Info Slide: Technology is developed that allows individuals to become ghosts. Ghosts are immortal, and appear and act like ordinary human beings. However, they are incorporeal (ie. cannot be physically touched and cannot touch; can move through walls, float, etc.; cannot eat or drink or enjoy bodily pleasures). However, they are visible and can interact with the physical world. They have no other special powers. Once people become ghosts, they can never die or stop being ghosts.)
Round 7: TH believes that Hong Kong high schools should aggressively promote the notion that Hong Kong citizens hold a Chinese political and cultural identity.
Octo-finals: TH, as China, would cut off development aid to dictatorships in Africa.
Quarter-finals: You are an 18 year-old feminist-identifying female pop star, who has enjoyed celebrity status for several years. You are now considering to target the adult market. THBT we should aggressively self-sexualise our image.
Semi-finals: THBT NGOs that advocate labor rights should reject all funding from Multinational Corporations.
Finals: THW allow children, upon reaching the age of majority, to sue their parents for sabotaging their opportunities during their childhood.

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