Thursday, September 10, 2015

Heart of Europe 2015

This year motions were created by Motion Committee: Itumeleng Kenneth Mohanoe, Frankie Cena, Mgr. Martin Rezny and Jakub Kadlec.
(1) P
THBT international military intervention against Boko Haram is justified, regardless of the views of the Nigerian government
(2) P
THBT the normalization of relations between the USA and Cuba will result in substantial improvements in civil rights in Cuba
1. THW concede to the enjoyment and fulfilment of sex (including sexual gratification) when designing a sex education curriculum
2. THW make sports compulsory for university and college students
3. THW not grade students in public schools
1. THBT the restriction to use performance-enhancement drugs in sport is unjustified
2. THW not allow owners of culturally important artworks to alter them
3. THW Reveal the work of a dead author, even against his will
(5) P
THBT sexually assertive female pop stars identifying as feminists are harmful for feminism
(6) P
THBT the Eurasian Economic Union is going to be a threat to the European Union in the future
1. THW consider gender identity when addressing affirmative action
2. THBT the legalization of gay marriage around the world will lead to significant improvements of the LGBTQ Community
3. THBT the enshrining of gay rights in constitutions does more harm than good for the LGBTQ movement
1. THBT individuals who worship their ancestors should practise that as a faith rather than just “thanksgiving”
2. THW ban polygamy
3. THS individuals who choose to identify from a race they were not born into
1. THW allow individuals to sue religious organisations for making decisions that harm them
2. THW pay reparations to descendants of slaves
3. THW try dangerous youth offenders as adults
1. THBT the reliance of news from social media has damaged the credibility of news-reporting
2. THBT employers should not be influenced by information on social networking sites when hiring and firing
3. THBT the media should be required to cap political advertising by candidates and parties during elections
1. THBT a two-party political system is more effective than a multi-party political system
2. In times of economic crises, THW instate a government of expert economists, and not politicians
3. THBT all debts of developing countries owed to developed countries should be forgiven
HBT EU’s development aid should be focused primarily on education

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