Sunday, April 19, 2015

US Universities Debate Championship 2015 - Univ, of Alaska

USU Alaska, 2015
R1: THW abolish teacher unions for primary and secondary (K-12) education.
R2: THW tax members of systematically oppressed groups at a significantly lower rate than equivalently wealthy members of groups with historic privilege.
R3: THW make it illegal for the police to tactically lie during questions and investigations.
R4: THS private space exploration and colonization.
R5: THW exempt small businesses from laws that violate their religious convictions.
R6: THW replace government welfare programs with competitive grants to private non-profits focused on social services.
R7: THW eliminate trial by jury and replace it with trial by judge.
R8: THS the significant expansion of global free trade agreements.
Octo Final: THBT adults who wish to have children and are financially able have a moral obligation to adopt rather than have biological children.
QF/NF: THBT developed countries should never place sanctions on developing countries.
SF: THBT when discussing social justice issues, the identity of a speaker should not be used to limit their participation in discussion or to criticize their points.
GF: THW, as the US government, grant amnesty to all undocumented immigrants living in the United States on the sole conviction that they have not been convicted of a violent criminal offense.


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