Monday, March 23, 2015

Cal Poly SLO USU Western Regional Championships 2015

Cal Poly SLO USU Western Regional Championships motions:
1. THBT the US Federal Government should place a cap on the amount of homework assigned primary and secondary school students
2. THW place a substantial tax on successful artists in order to fund new and upcoming artists
3. THW prosecute individuals who kill members of endangered species as if the victims were human
4. Given the inevitability of the upcoming zombie apocalypse, THW rather be a zombie than a human
5. THBT PBS should broadcast childrens shows geared towards sexual education, including techniques for pure sexual gratification
6. THW force Greece to surrender its sovereignty to the European Commission until its financial situation stablilizes
SEMI. THW implement a two state solution in Ukraine
FINAL. THW not allow police to use deadly force to preempt bodily harm to themselves


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