Monday, March 23, 2015

George Washington University IV 2015

Here are the motions from the George Washington University IV held this weekend:
Round 1
This house believes the media should not report acts of terrorism.
Round 2
This house opposes prenatal gene manipulation for traits that parents find desirable (e.g., cosmetic changes, improved athleticism, increased intelligence, etc.).
Note: Gene manipulation does not include genetic screening of diseases.
Round 3
This house regrets the rise of the “No Excuses” model of education reform.
Info slide included on "no excuses" model.
Round 4
This house believes we should have a moral obligation to protect and preserve non-intelligent extraterrestrial life and their ecosystems if they are discovered.
Round 5
This house believes that developing nations should prioritize their economic development over addressing the cause and effects of climate change.
This house believes that individuals considering relocating to, or already living in, urban districts have an obligation to oppose gentrification.
Definition slide for "gentrification" included.
This house believes the reelection of Netanyahu will lead to policies that safeguard the welfare of all Israeli citizens.
This house believes that public universities should have the right to immediately expel students who publicly or privately use hate speech.


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