Monday, April 20, 2015

Brandeis IV, December 2014

Brandeis IV, 2014
R1: THR the commercialization of religious holidays.
R2: THBT universities should ban all fraternities and sororities.
R3: TH, as the Mexican government, would end its war against the drug cartels.
R4: THR the use of feminism as an advertising tactic.
R5: THW ban all youth wings of political parties in developing countries.
R6: THBT protesters should not use memorials as sites of protest.
QF: THP Facebook's policy of only removing content that users report as objection to a policy where Facebook itself determines restrictions on content.
SF: THBT all information marked as classified by governments should become available to the public within 50 years.
GF: THW allow communities to vote to end police supervision.

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