Sunday, April 19, 2015

Colgate IV, 2015

Colgate IV, 2015
R1: THW account for innate capabilities when awarding grades in school.
R2: THW give prisoners who have been assaulted or seriously harmed in custody the legal right to sue the government.
R3: THR the fetishization of race in pornography.
R4: THS a full boycott of Israeli elections by all Palestinians and Arab Israelis that are eligible to vote.
R5: THW allow the US President to make a limited number of congressional votes anonymous per term.
QF: THW shut down banks that are, in the future, found to be assisting rogue states and facilitating illicit trade.
SF: THW recognise the sovereignty of land purchased by Indigenous clans or tribes. Info slide: Under the SQ sovereignty is granted only on land that is awarded to indigenous communities by the Federal government.
NF: As an LGBTQ fiscal conservative, THW vote Democrat.
GF: THW prevent the Military from engaging in active recruitment efforts.


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