Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cameroon Debate Academy July 2013

Cameroon Debate Academy 2013 Motions
Demo debate – THW compel children to care for their elderly parents
Mini-debate – THBT Modern technology has done more harm than good to the Cameroonian youth
Practice 1 – THW increase taxes on tobacco
Practice 2 – THBT citizens should not give money to beggers
Practice 3 – THW ban international adoption
Practice 4 – THBT all politicians should publicly disclose all of their finances sixty days before the election
Practice 5 – THBT Crimes committed by police should be punished more severely
Practice 6 – THBT Cameroonian youth will be better off if they stay in Cameroon
Round 1 – THBT the African Union should have one Pan-African Army
Round 2 – THW have university administrations elected by the students and faculty
Round 3 – THBT parents should not hit their children
Round 4 – THW have Cameroon adopt one educational system for Francophones and Anglophones
Semifinal – THBT Western Cameroon should be an independent state
Final - THW ban bushmeat

Motions were chosen to fit in with local conditions and culture. These may not be appropriate everywhere, but they worked well in Cameroon. Thanks to the Cameroon Debate Association and the World Debate Institute for their assistance.

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