Sunday, August 4, 2013

3rd Bogazici University Open* (Melda Open) 6-7 April 2013, Istanbul/Turkey

3rd Bogazici University Open* (Melda Open) 6-7 April 2013, Istanbul/Turkey 

Round 1: THW allow immigrants to vote in the country where they live.(Full citizenship is still not given to immigrants)
Round 2: There is a pill which prevents you from falling in love. THW take the pill. 
Round 3: THW constitute police forces only from women
Round 4: THBT in order to continue to eat meat, individuals should be required to slaughter their own meat animal.
Round 5: THW stay friends with the ex-boyfriend/girlfriend
Semi-Final: This house, as the states of Arab League, would give the unconditional right of asylum to Palestinians. 
Final: It is irrefutably proved that God does not exist. THBT this should not be declared to public.
CA: Melda Eren, Bogazici University

*Participants should have reached final at least one nationwide tournament in order to debate at Bogazici Open.
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