Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cankaya University Open, 29-30-31 April 2013, Ankara/Turkey

Cankaya University Open, 29-30-31 April 2013, Ankara/Turkey 

Round 1: THW hire LGBT individuals for temporary and contracted works which the state get in touch with citizens.
Round 2: THBT AK Party (Justice and Development Party) should carry on the peace process* secret from opposition parties. 
*Peace process is a term which is used by Turkish media for ongoing negotiations between PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) and Republic of Turkey. During negotiations, PKK draws back beyond the Turkey - Iraq border and there are not any clashes between Turkish army and PKK since Abdullah Ocalan gave the command of drawing back because of AK Party's democratization promises.
Round 3: THBT hitting on someone who has a girlfriend/boyfriend is wrong. 
Round 4: THW take religious beliefs as an extenuating circumstance for the crimes which is commited under the influence of religious beliefs.
Round 5: THW reward the local people who capture (dead or alive) or denounce Al-Qaida militants. 
Quarter Final: THBT referandums to become a colony should be held in African countries.
Semi Final: This house, as Kurdish people, would reject Abdullah Öcalan's solution plan for Kurdish Question which offers unity with Turkish people under Islamic religious values. 
INFO: Trotskyist view prioritises international proletariat movement rather than Stalinist view's suggestion of socialist rule in one country.
THW be Trotskyist.

CA: Mahir Durmaz, Istanbul Commerce University
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