Sunday, July 14, 2013

English Open, Israel, July 7 2013

English Open, Israel, July 7
  1. R1: THW ban international adoption
  2. R2: Info Slide - State capitalism is an economic model in which companies are privately owned and compete in a free market of consumers, yet the state often intervenes by investing heavily in favored firms, forcing managerial changes, and making other decisions aimed at stabilizing and strengthening the economy. Famous state-capitalist nations include Singapore, China and Russia.Motion: TH supports state capitalism over liberal capitalism.
  3. R3: Info Slide - The US is currently involved in major nation building projects in Afghanistian, including funding and support of democratic institutions, empowerment of local leaders and investment in education. Motion:THBT The US should continue its nation building efforts after it has left afghanistan militarily.
  4. R4: Info slide - In recent decades, many educational institutions have instructed their teachers that bullying is a result of low self-esteem and other personal problems.Motion: THBT educators should abandon the "pitiful bully" approach
  5. Final: THBT citizens should be more worried about Google and Facebook's access to their data, than the governments' access
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