Friday, July 5, 2013

Berlin IV, Berlin, Germany, June 21-23 2013

Berlin IV, Berlin, Germany, June 21-23
  1. R1: THW forbid the Supreme Court to annul legislation.
  2. R2: THW ban fortune-telling for profit.
  3. R3: As an emerging nation, THW allow the manufacture and sale of generic drugs even in cases where patents or international treaties are infringed.
  4. R4: THW give security services total and unrestricted access to citizens’ data on social media and webmail services.
  5. Semi: THW introduce an immediate democracy. (Information slide: Immediate democracy is a method in which citizens can change their vote at any time. The number of MPs given to each party is allocated on a daily basis and represents the current support percentage of the population. In this system there are no elections, but the number of MPs from each party can change every day.)
  6. Final: THW support popular uprisings against dictators even in cases they are lead by Islamist extremist.
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