Monday, January 6, 2014

Chennai WUDC 2014

  • Round 1: THBT the United States of America should fund moderate Madrassas (schools of Islamic study) throughout the Islamic world
  • Round 2: THW allow first-time offenders to, with the consent of the victims, pay compensation to them in place of a prison sentence
  • Round 3: TH regrets the rise of a 'hookup culture' (one which accepts and encourages casual sexual encounters focused on physical pleasure, without necessarily including emotional bonding)
  • Round 4: THBT developing countries should ban members of political dynasties from standing for elected office
  • Round 5: THBT the Trans-Pacific Partnership is in the interests of the small and medium-sized negotiating countries [info slide:]
  • Round 6: THW make the receipt of welfare payments to raise children conditional on the use of long-term, but reversible, contraception
  • Round 7: THBT government agencies that regulate drugs should only test whether a drug is safe, not whether it is effective, before approving it for public use [info slide:]
  • Round 8: THBT NATO should unconditionally offer membership to the states of the former Soviet Union, excluding Russia
  • Round 9: TH regrets the commodification of indigenous cultures
  • EFL Semi-Finals: THBT the gay rights movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice
  • EFL Final: THBT multinational companies should be liable for human rights abuses that occur anywhere in their supply chain
  • ESL Quarter-Finals: THW remove all copyright protection for material deemed to be morally objectionable
  • ESL Semi-Finals: THBT Pope Francis should publicly encourage Catholics to support radically redistributive government policies
  • ESL Grand Final: THW allow countries to pay other countries to settle asylum-seekers who reach their borders
  • Open Partial Double Octo-Finals: THW abolish gated communities in the developing world
  • Open Octo-Finals: THBT Japan should shame its soldiers who participated in WWII, including those who did not commit war crimes themselves
  • Open Quarter-Finals: THW auction off the long-term right to govern bankrupt cities for profit
  • Open Semi-Finals: THBT women should reject practices that alter the appearance of their genitalia, such as waxing and labiaplasty
  • Open Grand Final: THBT India should pursue aggressive economic policies
  • Masters' Round 1: THB that the feminist movement should actively fight to liberate men from their prescribed gender roles
  • Masters' Round 2: THW redraw the borders of Africa
  • Masters' Grand Final: This House would never categorize people on their race.
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