Monday, January 6, 2014

BGU IV, Beer Sheva, Israel, December 13 2013

BGU IV, Beer Sheva, Israel, December 13 2013

  • R1: THBT Times Magazine should have chosen Miley Cyrus to be person of the year
  • R2: TH, as the US, would abandon the Israeli-Palestinian Cause
  • R3: THW wage war using only games fought via computers
  • R4: THBT governments should not regulate the use of any new currency
  • R5: In memory of Nelson Mandela: The year is 1985, THS Paul Simon in breaking the cultural boycott of Apartheid South Africa (for the making of the future Graceland album in collaboration with black musicians)
  • Final: THBT Pope Francis as the head of the Catholic Church will end up causing more harm than good
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