Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Huber Debates 2013, University of Vermont

Huber Debates 2013, University of Vermont, 100 teams


1. TH would prohibit the payment of human subjects in clinical research trials.

2. TH Believes That all forms of US foreign aid to South American countries should not be conditional on coca eradication efforts.

3. TH Would Replace all forms of welfare benefits with an unconditional livable annual income.

4. TH prefers a state without a written constitution.

5. TH Would subsidize feminist pornography.

6. This House would require morality clauses in the employment contracts of all public employees

THBT Palestinian organizations should actively campaign for Israeli citizenship over independent Palestinian statehood.

TH supports the unionization of prisoners.

THW allow prisoners to raise young children in prison

THBT Pope Francis I should publicly endorse Socialist political parties and candidates.
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