Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4th Hong Kong Debate Open 2013:

Motions for 4th Hong Kong Debate Open 2013:

R1) We, as the Iranian people, Would not give up our nuclear weapons ambition.

R2) A terrorist has planted highly lethal explosives within the US. The US has captured the terrorist and has tortured him for the locations of the bombs, but does not respond. The interogator states that the only remaning way to make the terrorist talk is to torture his children in front of the terrorist. In this situation,
THW make it official policy to torture the terrorist's family members for crucial information

R3) THBT governments of secular liberal democracies have an obligation to censor in parts or in whole Holy Scriptures which openly support violence and overt discrimination against minorities

R4) THW allow juries to return a verdict of non-guilty if they determine that they find the decision to be in the public interest

R5) In times of economic need, THBT states should sell and/or mortgage their national treasures and monuments

R6) THBT environmentalists should cooperate with corporations to achieve their goals

Octo) THBT developing nations that receive aid and have uneven levels of development should not be providing development aid to other countries

Quarter) THW abandon the system of voting Members of Parliament on a geographical basis and instead vote them on the basis of professions and interest groups

Semi) THBT the Palestinians should abandon their claim for an independent state and instead opt for a civil rights struggle

Final) THBT states should not instill nationalism through the education system

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