Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Canadian BP Championships 2013

Round #1: THS a lower income tax for women
Round #2: THW make it a criminal offense to materially and substantially enable the substance abuse problems of an addict.
Round #3: THB Canada should have boycotted the Commonwealth meeting Sri Lanka
Round #4: THO Prenatal testing for mental disabilities
Round #5: THB Walmart is good for America

Novice Shkordoff (refers to a front half bp round used as a tiebreaker between two teams): THW enact good Samaritan laws
Novice Final: THR the creation of the fat pride movement
Semi Final: THB the ICC should not have pursued any charges related to the 2006 post-election violence in Kenya.
Final: You are an average middle class person walking to work in the downtown of a major Canadian city. You have about one cup of coffee worth of change in your pocket. As you are walking, you see a homeless person sleeping on the sidewalk. They are bundled up in clothing and therefore no personal details (gender, age, race etc.) are apparent to you. You cannot stop to talk to this person. All you can see is what is sitting on the ground in front of them. There is a hat with a couple of coins in it, and a cardboard sign that reads: "Homeless. Hungry. Please Help." THW give that person your change.

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