Friday, June 14, 2013

Stockholm IV, Stockholm, Sweden, May 10-12 2013

Stockholm IV, Stockholm, Sweden, May 10-12
  1. R1: THW completely abolish all subsidies and preferential treatment to the farming industry in the EU
  2. R2: You are a poor 19-year old woman living in a former Soviet state. You have little education, no obvious career prospects, and few opportunities for economic advancement in your own country. THW register as a mail order bride
  3. R3: TH, which is the EU, would sue any individual who speaks untrue of or defames the European Union
  4. R4: TH as Israel would immediately intervene in Syria
  5. R5: THBT billionaires have a moral obligation to donate their money to the US government instead of charities
  6. Semi: You are Arnold Schwarzenegger, You are presented a script in which you are asked to portray a SS Nazi Officer who is presented in a positive humane light. THW take on the role
  7. Final: THBT the EU should adopt the formation of a constitutional anti-theistic atheist society as one of its declared goals (Infoslides: The current stated goal of the european union, as stipulated in the treaty of rome, is an "ever closer union" Anti-theistic atheism society is a society that while still allowing religions to exist,more than just being secular actively seeks to eliminate religion from state institutions, laws and actively promotes atheism to the general public
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