Friday, June 14, 2013

Deutschsprachige Debattiermeisterschaft, Munchen, Germany, May 30 - June 2 2013

Deutschsprachige Debattiermeisterschaft, Munchen, Germany, May 30 - June 2 2013 
  1. R1: Should bullfighting be forbidden?
  2. R2: Should teams be excluded from sports matches when one of their team members has taken doping?
  3. R3: Seed companies seek out strong-yielding plants and sterilise the seeds. The plants cannot produce fertile seeds and the companies protect their license rights.Motion: Should plant sterilisation be banned?
  4. R4: Assume the technical possibility of a manned flight to Mars, without the possibility to survive there on a long-term basis, or to return: Should we send a manned spacecraft to Mars?
  5. R5: Germany has about 1.3 million so-called Austocker: employees whose work salaries lie below the poverty level and who therefore receive additional unemployment benefits from the state (Kombilohn) Motion: Should we abolish adding to wages until the income reaches the poverty line?
  6. R6: After a civil war, should the ethnic groups involved be separated, even through forced resettlement?
  7. Octofinal: Should commuter allowances be abolished?
  8. Quarterfinal: Servicemen and women are equal before the law in the Armed Forces. In practice, women are not used on the frontline (as special commandos for example). Motion: should women be employed in the frontline?
  9. Semi final: Should prisoners on hungerstrike be forcefed?
  10. Final: When the Bundestag votes on matters of conscience, the members can vote without party discipline. Should the People decide on matters of conscience instead of the Parliament?
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