Friday, June 14, 2013

1st BFSU Debate Challenge, Beijing, China, 29 April-1 May 2013

Motions for 1st Beijing Foreign Studies University Debate Challenge (1st BDC) 2013

Adjudication Core: 
CA: Loke (SAID); DCAs: Daryl (Ateneo), Joshua (Harvard Law/SolBridge), Nicholas (Melbourne); Advisor: TJ (ABAC)

Round 1:
Info Slide: Socialization meaning the way something is generally accepted and presented/taught in society.

THBT the socialization of the Menstrual Cycle (e.g. hygiene, PMS) is oppressive to women

Round 2:
THW not allow the police to carry and use guns

Round 3:
THBT governments should cut welfare (financial aid) for individuals that smoke, drink, or gamble

Round 4:
TH regrets the sexualization of hospitality businesses. (i.e. Airlines, hotels, etc.)

Round 5:
THW mandate corporal punishment for perpetrators of violent crimes

Round 6:
Info Slide: fully autonomous weapons, also known as "killer robots", would be able to select and engage targets without human intervention. Fully autonomous weapons do not exist yet, but they are being developed by several countries and precursors to fully autonomous wearpon have already been deployed by high-tech militaries. Some experts predict that fully autonomous weapons could be operational in 20 to 30 years. --Human Right Watch

THW ban "killer robots"

Quarter Finals
THW give two votes to stay-at-home mothers

Semi Finals
THBT the state's strategy of under-valuation of currencies does more harm than good

Grand Finals
TH should fear immortality
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