Sunday, January 11, 2015

Yorkshire Novice Cup 23 November 2014

Yorkshire Novice Cup (23 November 2014, Hull, UK)

Round 1: This House would replace all sin taxes with an increase in income tax
Sin taes are taxes above VAT, levied on goods considered to be unhealthy such as alcohol and tobacco

Round 2: This House believes that the EU should issue a directive to all its member states to legalise gay marriage
An EU Directive is a non-binding requirement passed to EU member states to enforce a policy within a certain time frame. Not fulfilling this requirement will lead to heavy financial penalties.

Round 3: This House would abolish all non-comprehensive schools and require children to attend their geographically closest school.

Round 4: This House believes that sexually assertive female pop stars identifying as feminists is harmful for feminism.

Final: This House believes that Western nations should not attend sporting events in countries with bad human rights records

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