Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tilbury House 8-9 November 2014

Tilbury House (Cologne, 8-9 November 2014)
Round 1 - THBT the EU should send a single unified team to the next world cup.
Round 2 - THW criminalise all forms of high school bullying (including physical, verbal, written, cyber bullying and boycotting)
Round 3: For the purpose of this debate a Disease Charity is a charity organisation dedicated to funding research, treatment, public campaigns and other activities focussed on a specific disease.
THB that donations to disease charities should be redistributed among these disease charities according to the number of people affected by each disease.
Round 4 - THS the use of feminist catch phrases about freedom, empowerment and choice in advertisement of fashion and beauty products.
Round 5 - THB that governments should tax individual income out of labour (paid salary) significantly less than individual's income generated out of capital (which includes inheritance, real estate, stock portfolios, etc.)
Semifinal: THB that the German government should significantly fund films and tv shows that sympathetically depict the narratives of non-Jewish German civilians under the Nazi regime.
Final: This house would ban anti EU parties from participating in the EU elections.

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