Sunday, November 16, 2014

Oxford IV 14-15 November 2014

I will try and add quarters and semis later.

Round 1
Motion: This house believes that in order for a law to be enacted, it should have to be passed by the legislature and then by a body chosen at random from eligible voters.

Round 2
Motion: This house believes that press agencies should not purchase or publish the work of freelance war reporters.

Round 3
Motion: This house believes the EU should suspend Hungary's membership rights.

Round 4
Motion: This house, as the gay community, regrets the existence of Grindr

Round 5
Motion: This house would deny public funding to parties with explicitly ethnic-based membership or platforms

Motion: THBT a world in which people were content and did not desire social mobility is preferable to one where people desired social mobility (had much better wording) (Brent Schmidt)

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