Monday, November 17, 2014

5th Hong Kong Debate Open 1-3 November 2014

5th Hong Kong Debate Open 2014 ( 1st to 3rd Nov)

(Round 1) This house believes that all states should STOP memorialization of their war deaths

(Round 2) This house would abolish retirement age

(Round 3) This house believes that employment insurance should cover cryopreservation in their health insurance policies

(Round 4) This house believes that western liberal democracies do not have the right to stop their citizens from joining the Islamic State

(Round 5) This house regrets the trend of couples using civilian spyware applications such as Dr. Fone, Spyera, and FlexiSpy that allow users to track phones, text messages and all media and applications on the phone

(Round 6) This house would require companies to have a minimum percentage of employees without college/undergraduate degrees in their core functions

(Octo-Finals) This house believes that schools should actively promote atheism in their curriculum

(Quarters-Finals) This house believes that the 3rd world should not use the exportation of labor as a strategy for development

(Semi-Finals) This house would not allow news outlets to endorse political candidates

(Grand Final) This house believes that it is time for the West to accept/allow Iran's development of nuclear technology


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