Monday, October 6, 2014

Yale IV October 2014

1. TH opposes the American Charter School Movement.

2. TH would cooperate with any leader or regime to defeat non-state actors that systematically violate human rights.

3. This house regrets the rise of dating and other websites that allow people to rate others based on past romantic interactions (e.g. LuLu)

4. TH believes that institutional art credentials are bad for art.

5. TH, as an emerging democracy, would supress domestic media in favor of international media.

6. This House believes that universities and other stakeholders should primarily consider teaching ability rather than research output when awarding tenure and allocating academic funding.

Quarter-Finals - THW facilitate religous proselytization in areas of high socio-economic deprivation.

Semi Finals - THS the use of forced population transfers that create separate, ethnically homogeneous states as a solution to prolonged ethnic conflict.

Final - THBT, in the face of police repression, protesters have a right to non-lethal, but violent, proportional retaliation.

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