Thursday, October 30, 2014

1st Macau BP Debate Open 2014

1st Macau BP Debate Open 2014

Round 1
This house would impose a sin tax on meat products.

Round 2
This house believes that all Macau high school students should undergo the same compulsory military training currently being imposed in Mainland China.

Round 3
This house would ban negative advertising campaigns by rival companies against their competitors
(Samsung vs Apple, Coke vs Pepsi).

Round 4
This house would no longer award the Nobel Peace Prize.

Round 5
This house would ban professional athletes who are criminally convicted from any involvements in all professional sports.

Quarter Finals
This house believes that the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong has failed

Semi Finals
In a democracy, This house would revoke access to healthcare from citizens who do not vote.

THBT children should be allowed to opt to leave their parents' home and choose to be taken care of by the state even if they are not suffering from any physical or psychological abuse by their parents.

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