Sunday, April 6, 2014

HWS/IDEA Round Robin April 2014

Round One Motion: THW measure the efficacy of charities and strip those with comparatively low social value of their charitable status.
Motion for Round Two: THBT a world without organized religion would be a better world.
Motion for Round Three: THS the boycotting of Israeli academics.
Motion for Round Four: THBT full gender emancipation requires the end of monogamy as a dominant social norm.
Round 5 Motion: THBT permit parents to stunt the physical development of their severely mentally disabled children.
Two-part Info Slide:
1) Stunting physical development is a medical procedure that typically halts all physical growth and development at a prepubescent stage.
2) Some parents desire to have doctors perform this procedure on their severely mentally disabled children so that it will be easier to care for their needs.
THBT, within broad budgetary constraints, environmental policy should be decided by unelected scientific experts selected by their peers

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