Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2nd BFSU Challenge 2014

Motions for the 2nd BFSU Challenge 2014

Preliminary Rounds

1) THW close all tuition centers and "after-school" cram schools
2) THBT the state should regularly compel people to give blood
3) THW hold schools and teachers criminally liable in cases of bullying and sexual abuse among their students
4) THBT sweatshops (ie. Foxconn) have done more harm than good.
5) As feminists, THR the rise of sexually assertive pop stars (eg. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna)
6) Assuming full confidentiality from all other parties, THBT the state should have access to each individual's secrets.

Quarter Finals
THBT China should unilaterally abandon the trade agreement which allows China and Taiwan to invest more freely in each other's services markets.

Semi Finals
As NATO, THW take back Crimea.

THBT "People Power" Protests undermine democracy more than promote it.

Adj Core: Loke Wing Fatt, George Chen, Daryl Isla Prarthana Manohar and Natalie Wang.
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