Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NTUDC Debating Championship March 2014

Motions for 2014 NTUDC Debating Championship

Round 1
Theme: Sex

TH celebrates the rise of "monogamish" couples

THBT sexual assault should not be punished as a separate category of assault

THW convict those who lie about their social identity (religion, race, nationality etc.) in order to have sex with someone of rape

Round 2
Theme: Science, Innovation, and Technology

THW not allow individuals to opt into a one-way mission to Mars with the Mars One Project

Assuming the technology is created, THS the use of biotechnology to make prisoners feel as if they're serving an extremely long prison sentence

As a philanthropist, THW prioritize for-profit innovation over charity

Round 3
Theme: Economics

THW require banks to obtain regulatory approval prior to the selling of any new financial instrument

THW force banks to write-down student loans of unemployed students

THBT it is in China’s best interest to significantly reduce its capital controls

Round 4
Theme: Culture

THW require artists’ permission to write fan fiction

THW allow elected governments to choose schools’ history textbooks for their term in office

THS the use of military force to protect heritage sites

Round 5
Theme: Justice

THW permit the funding of civil cases by 3rd parties for profit

Assuming the technology exists, THW burn adherence of the criminal law into citizens' minds

THW allow children with grave genetic conditions that can be detected pre-birth to sue their parents for wrongful birth

Theme: Arvind's Clothes

THBT any secession movement within a country should be decided by the entire nation

THW treat the covert funding of militias by foreign countries as a war crime

THW not import food from nations with chronic food shortages

Theme: Religion

THS atheist evangelism

THBT progressive Catholic clergy members should self ex-communicate from the Church

THW enforce complete gender equality in religious institutions

Theme: IR

THBT Jews in the Diaspora that oppose Eretz Yisrael should take up Israeli citizenship in order to balance Israeli domestic politics

As European nations, THW pay minorities to leave

THS India’s vote against Sri Lanka on the US-led resolution calling for an international probe into allegations that 40,000 civilians were killed at the end of Sri Lanka's separatist war

Theme: AdjCore Favs

As a woman, THW use Lulu

THW prefer a democracy without universal suffrage

THS comedians who employ dark humor (rape, genocide, etc. as comedy material)

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