Sunday, March 2, 2014

All Schools Debate Championship 2014


Kelebogile Senwedi

Senior Category motions:

1. This house will legalize the purge.
(Adopted from the movie "the purge" Its a day in the calander when all criminal activity is legal for 12 hours only!)

2. This house believes that nationalism is a hangover from history.

3. This house believes violence is a legitimate political expression.

4. Assuming irrefutable proof is discovered that God doesn’t exist; this house would destroy the proof and hide it from public knowledge.

5. This house believes that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.

6. This house as Sherlock Holmes would accept the henchman's offer.

7. This house demands work for welfare.

8. This house believes that Economic sanctions should not be used to influence domestic policy.

9. This House will put pragmatism before its principles.

Junior category motions:

1. This house would give women the world for a better world.

2. This house will make parents legally responsible for their children’s crimes.

3. This house should ban video games in which the player engages in brutal and immoral violence in a realistic setting.

4. This house will use force for peace.

5. This house believes that a culture that needs protecting is not worth protecting.

6. This house believes democracy has failed the 3rd world.

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