Monday, February 17, 2014

North American Women's Debate Championship, McGill, February 2014

Round 1 THW ban religious and ethnic parties from running for election in developing democracies

Round 2 Info Slide: Modern urban graffiti originated in the 1970s as a form of artistic counterculture propagated by low-income American youth who often used graffiti to protest capitalism, war, social conservatism, and other causes.
Today it is common for wealthy households and businesses in cities such as NYC and Toronto to pay for graffiti artists to decorate their garage doors, buildings and subway stations. Justin Bieber was recently caught spray painting graffiti of a penguin upon an Australian hotel wall. Banksy, a popular counterculture graffiti artist, has his artwork sold on t-shirts.
TH Regrets the Commercialisation and Mainstream Popularisation of Graffiti

Round 3 THB that NATO should maintain a standing army, to which all members must contribute a minimum number of troops

Round 4 Definition Slide: The “court of public opinion” refers to situations in which individuals are accused of wrongdoing, defended, and informally tried within public discourse rather than a court of law, and are subsequently treated differently based on society’s verdict(s). For example, Woody Allen is currently being tried within the court of public opinion.
This House Prefers a society with an active Court of Public Opinion to one without

Round 5 THW Ban Employers from Creating Contracts which Prohibit Employees from Expressing their Political Opinions Publicly

Semi-Final / Novice Final THBT it is in the interest of minority rights groups (e.g. LGBTQ, women, racial minorities) to join forces in common protest rather than separately advocate for their individual interests

Final Through NSA spy networks, this house – being the US Government – has determined that the largest of several Ukrainian opposition groups (UDAR) is imminently launching a violent coup against the Ukrainian Government.
THW warn the Ukrainian government.

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