Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hawaii Cup & Pan Pacific Championship, Honolulu February 2014

Motions Hawaii Cup 2014

This house would make mandatory drug testing a requirement for welfare benefits.

Semi-Finals: This house believes that civilian leadership should determine which military documents remain classified and which must be publicly disclosed.

Finals: This house would eliminate all university scholarships that are not based on financial need.

Motions Pan Pacific Championship 2014

1. This House believes that in areas with large indigenous populations all schools should have representation from those populations on curriculum committees

2. This House believes that every person in the world should have a say in where the Olympics are hosted

3. This House believes that legislatures should never pass laws dictating courses of action in regards to individuals of brain dead status

4. This House would permanently cancel the George Zimmerman / DMX Celebrity Boxing Match

5. Rather than public animal shelters euthanizing pure bred animals, this House would force private breeders to operate as no kill overflow shelters for all animals of every specific breed they sell

6. This House would unconditionally include Iran in the Geneva II Conference on Syria.

Semis: This house believes that Mexico would be better off as a full member of Mercosur rather than in NAFTA.

Finals: This house would prevent debate tournaments from using motions in which participants previously had personal traumatic experience.
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