Sunday, July 12, 2015

KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Schools Debating Championships June 2015

KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Schools Debating Championships
Venue: The Wykeham Collegiate, Pietermaritzburg
Dates: 26 – 28 June 2015

Chief Adjudicator: Kimera Chetty
Deputy Chief Adjudicators: Elisha Kunene, Unathi Dlamini

Senior Champion: Durban and Coastal Debating League 1
Senior runner-up: Durban and Coastal Debating League 4
Junior Champion: Pietermaritzburg 1
Junior runner-up: Phoenix Debating League 1


THW – This House Would
THBT – This House Believes That
THR – This House Regrets
THS – This House Supports

R1: THW allow prisoners with life sentences the right to choose the death penalty.
R2: TH regrets gender normative toys
R3: THBT children should be educated in their mother-tongue
R4: THBT high-profile court cases should not be televised
R5: THS a strong military response to xenophobic violence
FINAL: THBT democracies should remove symbols which represent their oppressive

R1: THW ban treatment or cosmetic surgery aimed at skin bleaching/lightening
R2: THW prohibit employers from basing hiring or dismissal decisions on social
media posts
R3: THW make maths and science subjects compulsory for female learners
R4: Info Slide: “Slum Tourism” is a type of tourism that involves visiting impoverished
areas, mainly by foreigners from the developed world.” THS slum tourism
R5: Info Slide: “Amnesty is a pardon given by the government to a group or class of
persons, usually granted before trial/conviction/deportation.” THW grant amnesty to
all undocumented immigrants who have been victims of xenophobic attacks
SEMI-FINAL: THW ban mega-churches in impoverished communities
FINAL: THBT the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has failed


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