Saturday, September 14, 2013

Earlsfort Open, Dublin, Ireland, July 20 2013

Earlsfort Open, Dublin, Ireland, July 20
  • R1: THW require all welfare recipients to take drug tests, and if they fail, cut off all monetary benefits and replace with non-monetary benefits such as food/clothing vouchers
  • R2: THBT post-conflict societies should set a history curriculum that emphasises the wrongs done by their own community during that conflict
  • R3: THBT juries should be of the same demographic as the accused and victim in each case
  • R4: THBT the overthrow of Egypt's President, Mohammed Morsi, is a setback to the goals of the Arab Spring
  • R5: THW hold companies to a higher ethical standard than the law imposes on them
  • Semi: Presuming the technology existed to alter people's sexual orientation, THW make that technology available on the national health service
  • Final: TH, as President Obama, would grant a presidential pardon to Edward Snowden

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